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Hello everyone !! I am back with TCS Email Writing, TCS Syllabus, Email Writing with AnswersSo that freshers can prepare for the email writting and get selected for the next round.To know about these questions in detail then follow the article. This is the place where you get all sort of placement material which will help you to get placed in good companies.


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Email Writing:

In this part of the test, you are expected to write an email for the given scenario in the given range in 10 minutes. And you will also be given the keywords to be used in the Email

Recommended Strategy-Email Writing:

This is one of the easiest parts. First quickly try to understand the given scenario then start writing. Be simple and crisp. Don’t move away from the topic. Grammar is one of the important things that they evaluate. So some silly grammatical mistakes can hinder your chances. You need not use complex vocabulary. It should be simple such that everyone understands.

Download Email Writing Questions:

We have gathered few important email writing questions which were asked recently in the on campus drives of TCS. So go through this and as much you can.

Click Here to download the Email_Writing _Questions.
Hopefully, we have covered all the topics like TCS Aptitude Test, TCS PATTERN, TCS Syllabus ,Email-Writing, TCS Latest Expected Questions ,TCS Aptitude for Batch 2016,Download Aptitude Questions, TCS English, TCS Email Writing Questions. If you have any query then you can comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also connect to our FACEBOOK page and get updates of Notes, Previous year papers and much more. So click one the like button  If you like our post then do share with your friends.Plz do share among with your friends.

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4 October 2016 at 03:53 delete

Don’t forget that academic writing requires for a specific glossary, especially if the subject is specialized and assumes plenty of terms. Slang expressions, such as wanna, gotta are forbidden for any academic paper, have a peek at this page to find more.

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Is that question papers are came for tcs aptitude test
And how many questions are repeated ??